According To Research

City to City truckside advertising can deliver a Daily Effective Circulation of 40,000 impressions or more daily, according to a 3M-sponsored study. This compared favorably to outdoor bulletins with a higher message retention than outdoor bulletins, according to the study.

What most companies have discovered is that Fleet Advertising is an excellent, economic way to expand the reach and frequency of your ad campaign. What better way is there than truckside advertising to bring your message to office and industrial demographics through out North America. Our trucks are billboards in motion, grabbing the attention of motorists, pedestrians, shoppers, office and industrial workers and others, everywhere. Call Spady Transport today to find out how you can get your advertising on our trucks.

Fleet Media

Generates awareness while delivering goods!

Costs far less than outdoor bulletins

Adds new value to the cost of advertising

Reaches many consumers other media can't

Makes 40,000 + city impressions daily

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